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What are the duty rates for cars?

The duty rates for cars are as follows:

  • Up to $12,000.00 c.i.f. (used cars only) 29.5% and environmental fee $1,000.00 and waste handling fee $250.00
  • Up to $20,000 c.i.f. value 29.5%
  • Between $20,001 and $25,000 c.i.f. value 32%
  • Between $25,001 and $30,000 c.i.f. value 37%
  • More than $30,000 c.i.f. value 42%
Who is in charge of H.M. Customs Cayman Islands?
Mr. Charles Clifford is the Collector of Customs, and he is in charge of H.M. Customs Cayman Islands.
How much is my allowance?

All passengers over the age of 18 may bring with them the following items

  • Up to 1 liter of Portable Spirits
  • Or 4 liters of wine
  • Or 1 case of beer (not exceeding 8 liters)
  • Up to 200 Cigarettes
  • Or 100 Cigarillos
  • Or 25 Cigars

Cayman residents returning from an overseas visit may bring with them household and personal items up to the value of CI$350.00 (US$417.00).

How much money does H.M. Customs Cayman Islands collect?
H.M. Customs Cayman Islands collects approximately CI$150 million dollars in revenue annually.
Why do I have to pay duty?
Collection of duty is Government’s main source of revenue. This allows Government to earn money for the continuing operation for essential services and funding for capital projects
Taking Up Cayman Island Residence?
Persons who were previously permanent residents abroad, who are entering the islands on a bona fide change of residence for a period of one year or more, may import Duty Free –
  • Baggage and Personal effects accompanying the passenger:

    Clothing and other wearing apparel, articles of personal adornment and other normal personal effects, new or used;

    In regards to the items listed below, it must be proven by the persons taking up residence, to have been in use and ownership abroad by them, for a period of not less than six months and not imported for sale or commercial exchange.

  • Instruments and tools of trade:

    To be used for the purpose of the person’s trade or profession.

  • Household Goods:

    Linens, towels, rugs, toiletries, art, framed pictures, toys, strollers, crafts, fans, washers, dryers, VCR/DVD players, TVs, stereos, radios, records, tapes , DVDs, books, personal records, photo albums, etc.

  • Home Office Equipment:

    Computers (CPU, monitor, printer, etc), filing cabinets, shredders, fax machines, telephones, calculators, books, etc.

  • Kitchenware:

    Silverware, glassware, chinaware, pots, pans, utensils, electrical kitchen appliances, etc.

  • Furniture:

    Tables, chairs, sofas, bedroom, living room, desks, lamps, mirrors, etc.

    Other personal effects not noted above should be individually described.

    All of the articles noted above may be imported before or within six months of the arrival of the persons taking up residence. The Collector of Customs in special circumstances may extend the import period beyond the six months. A request for an extension will have to be made to the Collector of Customs in writing.

How do I make a FOI request?

If you wish to make a request for information then you should contact he Information Manager listed above or in his absence, the Information Manager Designate. Requests may also be made through our Government assigned email address or H.M. Customs Cayman Islands own FOI email address Requests must be in writing (letter, email or facsimile) and must include your name and an address (either postal or email). Please be as specific as possible about the information you would like, as this will help us to respond promptly. Where possible, please include a contact telephone number so we can call to discuss your request if necessary.

We will respond to your request immediately. The Law requires public authorities to respond within 30 calendar days, allowing an extension of an additional 30 calendar days if needed. We are obligated by law to always acknowledge receipt of all FOI requests made to the Information Manager and we are also obligated to let you know if there is a need to extend the deadline. For detailed advice on what sorts of information is exempt please see the FOI Unit website.