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New Customs & Immigration Officers Commence Training
A Customs Basic Training Course for 12 new Customs officers commenced on Monday 4th June 2018 following a recent recruitment drive. 13th June 2018, 3:57pm
Customs Officer and Cayman Airways Employee Arrested
The Collector of Customs Charles Clifford has announced the arrest of a female Customs Officer and a Cayman Airways employee on suspicion of Conspiracy to Import Ganja into the Cayman Islands and other related offences. 29th May 2018, 9:30am
Customs Urges Companies to Register for Online Clearance
Customs Urges Companies to Register for Online Clearance 30th November 2017, 4:57pm
New online system goes live!
As announced previously, today the Customs Department launched Phase 1 of its project to transition from its legacy IT Platforms to its enhanced IT Platforms. 1st November 2017, 10:07am
Customs Arrests Two - Stronger Enforcement Looming
The Customs Department has confirmed the arrests of a male visitor on Thursday 6 November and a female visitor on Monday 3 November 2014. 1st December 2014, 2:55pm
French Train Customs Officers
Sixteen Customs officers receive training and share information with French counterparts. 1st December 2014, 1:14pm
Customs Procedure Changes
Persons exporting goods will have to direct deposit the items for inspection by Customs officers. 22nd September 2014, 10:08am
Shortened version of the Customs Tariff Law 2012 (September 1, 2014)
This shortened version of the Customs Tariff Law 2012 is designed to assist Importers/Traders in becoming familiar with the new tariff codes. 8th September 2014, 4:16pm
Duty Cuts in Full Force
Customs duty cut from 22% to 20% on 1 July for licenced traders. 12th August 2014, 12:23pm
Update - Airline Employees and Passenger Formally Charged
H.M. Customs has confirmed the formal charging of two airline employees and a passenger in connection with an on-going investigation 15th July 2014, 12:57pm
Customs Officers Welcomed
Five new recruits take on front-line posts as the department’s newest officers. 8th July 2014, 11:56am
Customs Closing 2nd July 2014
Please note that H.M. Customs will be extending their opening hours on July 1st and July 3rd 2014 until 5pm at the Headquarters location. 23rd June 2014, 10:04am
Honeymooning Visitor Caught with Live Bullets
A 27-year-old male visitor from the State of Wyoming, USA was arrested by HM Customs Officers after his luggage was searched and found to contain 50 rounds of 9mm ammunition. 7th June 2014, 3:15pm
Customs Officers arrest one Male for Hashish
On Tuesday 20th May, 2014 HM Customs Officers arrested one male passenger who arrived in the Cayman Islands on a flight from the US for Possession and Importation of Cannabis Resin known as Hashish. 27th May 2014, 11:18am
Enforcement Momentum
HM Customs conducted specific operations at the Owen Roberts International Airport dealing with the evasion of customs duties and smuggling of goods. 20th May 2014, 1:34pm
The Customs Tariff Law Workshops
The Customs department with be conducting workshops in order to help the public get acquaint with the new Customs Tariff Law 2012. 16th May 2014, 1:19pm
Operation results in a number of Fines
The Cayman Islands Customs Department conducted an Operation that resulted in Administrative Fines, Cocaine, and Ganja Seizures – Six in custody. 12th May 2014, 11:36am
The New Customs Tariff Law
The new Customs Tariff Law has commenced (31st March 2014). 18th February 2014, 11:56am
Customs Cherishes Staff
Six officers receive accolades from their peers who recognise their value. 22nd January 2014, 10:29am
Safety First for Customs Staff
Seventeen customs staff receives emergency care certification. 5th November 2013, 2:38pm
Changes to parcel inspections
Customs changes the manner in which parcels entering the Cayman Islands are inspected. 2nd September 2013, 4:56pm
Online Customs Forms
The Department becomes more user friendly by putting its forms online. 13th September 2012, 11:36am
Customs Chief Retiring
The Collector, Mr. Carlon Powery, is hanging up his hat after a distinguished 40 year career. 31st May 2012, 1:42pm
Twelve Join Customs
Success in four weeks' training translated into new positions with the Customs Department for 12 recruits. 16th May 2012, 1:58pm
Freight Security Improved
The Premier inaugurated the Customs Freight Security initiative which incorporates a new state-of-the-art scanner. 8th March 2012, 2:23pm
Inspection Goes Hi-tech
The Customs Department improves inspection of all incoming and outgoing cargo. 2nd February 2012, 11:32am
Improving Customer Service
Customs now accepts duty payments by credit and debit cards at all its units. 28th April 2011, 2:11pm
Customs Seizes Drugs
Customs staff at Owen Roberts International Airport recently averted a substantial quantity of cocaine from being transported to Miami on a routine flight. 7th December 2010, 11:57am
Money Declarations Mandatory
Persons traveling with $15,000 or more must report to Customs. 7th December 2010, 11:50am
HM Customs Computer Upgrade
Tariffs are being re-coded and goods classified to bring the Tariff Law in line with the 'Harmonized System,' a global uniform coding system for the trading of goods. 6th December 2010, 4:44pm
Intelligence Officer Returns Home
Jacqueline Haynes of Customs is back after spending four-and-a-half months with the Joint Intelligence Office (JIO) in Puerto Rico. 6th December 2010, 1:05pm
Enhanced Customs Efficiency
The colour coded clearance system for arriving airport passengers is a success. 11th June 2010, 11:49am
Regional Customs Training
Middle managers from Cayman and St. Kitts improved their strategic analysis capabilities.  29th March 2010, 11:39am
Import Duties Increase
New customs tariffs take effect Monday, 4 January. 31st December 2009, 11:03am
Warehouse Fees Up
Effective Monday, 16 November, there will be an increase in warehouse fees for air cargo only. 13th November 2009, 11:06am
Weapons Intercepted
Customs Officers discover shipment of concealed firearms. 21st November 2008, 4:45pm
Drug Busts
Alert Customs Department officers arrest nine and confiscate illegal drugs and a firearm. 21st August 2008, 5:38pm
Drugs Intercepted
Customs found about 400 lbs. of ganja in a container in December. 10th January 2008, 4:42pm
Upgrade for Customs Records
A new bill calls for the use of international standards in classifing exports and imports. 12th September 2007, 11:54am
Drugs Seized at Port
1000 pounds of ganja and hashish were concealed in a false compartment inside an empty container being shipped to the US. 5th March 2005, 11:33am
Duty Concession on Replacement Vehicles
The 10% import duty reduction rate is effective from 12 October 2004 to 30 June 2005. 3rd November 2004, 11:40am
Customs to Close Early
Staff will meet to identify ways of enhancing service to the public. 3rd May 2004, 11:42am
Customs Collector at Turks and Caicos Conference
Mr. Carlon Powery attended the 26th Annual Conference of the Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council; he chairs the organisation's Executive Council. 6th December 2003, 2:30pm
Thanks! HM Customs Sports and Social Club presented a plaque to Miguel Escalante, thanking him for photographing club activities. This press release appears on page January 2004  23rd January 2003, 4:49pm
New Importations Notice
Revised regulations require a licence to import any heavy equipment, including commercial vessels. 5th January 2003, 2:19pm
Customs Juniors Trained
"Our duty is to serve customers while protecting our Islands from contraband." 19th November 2002, 1:46pm
Stamp Duty on Exports
Couriers and others exporting goods are now required to pay stamp duty of CI $2.00 per airway bill or per bill of lading. 18th January 2002, 12:41pm