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Published 5th March 2005, 11:33am

In a separate investigation, one person was arrested in connection with the seizure of approximately 1000 pounds of ganja and hashish in a shipping container discovered at the George Town Port on the 18th of last month by Customs, Police Drugs Task Force and Port Authority officials.

Assistant Collector and Head of Customs Narcotics, Jeff Jackson, stated that he could not release much information at this time because the matter is still under investigation. He added that the drugs were concealed in a false compartment inside an empty container to be shipped to the US.

Mr. Jackson further stated that this latest seizure involving large quantities of drugs was the second time in less than a month that similar methods of transport were used. Mr. Jackson concluded, "With the stretch in resources, together the agencies are looking at new strategies in combating drug smuggling to and from the islands. It is evident that through unified actions our chances of success are greatly increased."