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Cayman Islands Customs Intelligence Officer Jacqueline Haynes.

Published 6th December 2010, 1:5pm

Intelligence Officer Returns Home Cayman Islands Customs Intelligence Officer Jacqueline Haynes returned home last month after four-and-a-half months with the Joint Intelligence Office (JIO) in Puerto Rico.

Seconded there since 1 August, Ms. Haynes served as a Technical Implementation Officer (TIO) for the Regional Clearance System (RCS2000). The JIO is one of many projects funded by Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council (CCLEC) and this office serves as an information hub for Customs departments throughout the Caribbean region. The RCS2000 system is a CCLEC project that provides authorities with a unified approach to monitoring the movement of small vessels within the region.

As a TIO, her duties included the installation and testing of RCS terminals throughout the Caribbean, on-site training of local operators and interfacing with technical contractors. She also offered technical support to users, monitored project activities and their results, and liaised with members of the international law enforcement community.

"I found the experience abroad both rewarding and enlightening," she says. "My travels throughout the Caribbean took me to the islands of St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Grenada, Antigua & Barbuda, St Lucia and The Bahamas. It helped me to acquire a better understanding of the customs and cultures of our neighbouring islands, while heightening my appreciation for the traditions in our own."

"Now that I am back, I look forward to putting this knowledge and experience to work. I am motivated and enthused about the implications of RCS2000, and the work being done by CCLEC and the JIO to better enhance the law enforcement strategies throughout the Caribbean," she continues. "I am also very grateful to The Customs Department for the opportunity to have been involved in this project. I only hope that I can continue to make them proud."