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Published 5th January 2003, 2:19pm

Operators of heavy equipment, as well as those in the land and water transport businesses, should be aware of new restrictions recently published under The Customs (Temporary Provisions) Regulations 2002.

Under these revised regulations, businesspeople are required to apply to the Governor in Council for a licence to import any new heavy equipment. This includes any machinery, vehicle or trailer used in transporting goods of ten tons or more, or for construction, dredging, road, engineering or agricultural works.

Similarly, new restrictions apply to the importation of vessels to be used as water taxis, in coastal excursions, or in any transportation of passengers on water.

These applications should include details regarding the proposed use of the new equipment. Applicants may, if requested, be required to provide additional relevant information, and will be given at least two weeks in which to comply.

If approval for importation is granted, it may be subject to conditions relating to the use of the equipment or vessels, and for the duration of the licensed approval.

These regulations are not retroactive and will remain in force through the end of 2003. Any breach of these new requirements, or providing false or misleading information, may result in prosecution and a fine not exceeding $1,000.

Details of these requirements are published in Supplement One of Extraordinary Gazette Two, dated 16 January 2003.