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Published 13th September 2012, 11:36am

In addition to taking steps to modernise its commodities import and export processes, the Cayman Islands Customs Department is also aiming to make the process more efficient and customer-friendly for its users.

Previously, each port of entry into the Cayman Islands required the interaction of importers with the department's officials. However, as of 12 September 2012, the Customs Department has introduced a new online base from which importers and exporters can retrieve the necessary forms for their respective Customs transactions.

Persons seeking to import or export goods will now be able to find and complete the appropriate forms online. Although still required to attend the Customs offices for finalisation and payment, the completion of the form beforehand will reduce the time spent by the public at Customs facilities.

The forms which are now available online include:

  • Import Entry Form (For goods being imported for home use)
  • Export Entry Form (For goods leaving the islands)
  • Appointment of Agent Form
  • Declaration by Importers of Unaccompanied Effects ( For the importation of used personal effects)
  • Certificate of Registration for Articles Taken Abroad (For any items which are departing and returning to the country)
  • Report of International Transportation of Money (For persons who will be travelling with funds exceeding $15,000.00)
  • Ships Report (All vessels incoming and outgoing must have this form completed)

Mr Dale Ramoon, the Acting Collector of Customs, commented, "These forms are a part of the process modernisation efforts that the department has undertaken in recent times and as we continue to streamline our processes, we look forward to enhancing the customer experience throughout our various operations."

Mr Collie Powery, Deputy Collector of Customs, noted that with the new online procedures coming into place "we hope that the public will utilize these forms to make their experience with the Customs Department a lot easier."

For more information about the Customs forms please visit