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(Section 5)

Part 1 Imported Goods in respect of which Environmental Tax is chargeable

Imported Goods Environmental Tax
Used automobiles, automotives and other mechanically propelled vehicles of not more than $12,000 C.I.F. value (other than construction and mining machinery (Tariff codes 8429.11.00, 8429.19.00, 8429.20.00, 8429.30.00, 8429.40.00, 8429.51.00, 8429.52.00, 8429.59.00 and 8430.00.00), mowers for lawns, parks or sporting-grounds (Tariff code 8433.19.00), Golf and Go-carts, All Terraine vehicles (ATVs) and similar off road vehicles (Tariff codes 8703.10.10 and 8703.10.12) and motor cycles (Tariff codes 8711.10.00 and 8711.90.00)).$1,000

Part 2 Imported Goods in respect of which an Inspection Fee is chargeable

Imported GoodsEnvironmental Tax
Cargo containers (single consignee) being imported or exported through the ports of the Cayman Islands$100 per container
Loose cargo being imported through the ports of the Cayman Islands15 cents per cubic foot or part thereof
Cargo in packages being imported by Air through the Airports of the Cayman Islands$2.00 per 100 lb.or part thereof