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Information for Travelers to Cayman Islands

Information for Travelers

On arrival into the Cayman Islands, whether by Air or Sea, a Cayman Islands Customs Declaration form must be completed for Customs processing. Each passenger or the head of a family traveling together must complete this form. The declaration form sets out what the passenger is required to declare and gives details of the duty free allowances to which different categories of passengers are entitled. These forms are issued by the passengerís carrier or can be obtained from Customs on arrival.

* Failure to make a full declaration is an offence and can result in the forfeiture of the goods, fines and / or imprisonment.

Duty Free Allowances

All visitors may bring with them personal wearing apparel, articles of personal adornment and other personal effects which, to the satisfaction of Customs, are reasonable for the period of the intended visit.

All passengers over the age of 18 years may also bring with them the following items

    • Up to 1 liter of Potable Spirits
    • Or 4 liters of wine
    • Or 1 case of Beer (not exceeding 8 liters)
    • Up to 200 Cigarettes
    • Or 250 grammes of Tobacco

Cayman residents returning from an overseas visit may bring with them household and personal items up to the value of CI $350.00 (US $417). Any type of commodity, including food items, may qualify for duty free admission under this concession, provided the goods involved are within the monetary limit and any requirements for restricted items such as Firearms, Meats, Fruits, etc (e.g. Licenses, Permits, Health certificates, etc.) are complied with.

Cayman residents must declare the total value of all items acquired abroad, whether by purchase, as a gift or otherwise which are in their or their family possession at the time of arrival. The allowance applies only to goods imported for the personal use of passengers and does not extend to merchandise imported for resale or commercial purposes.

Tourist and other visitors should declare all gifts, foods, spirits, liquor, tobacco products and any other items in their possession, other than their normal wearing apparel, personal effects/toiletries and articles of personal adornment which are reasonable for the time of the intended visit to the Cayman Islands.

Perishable food items imported into the Cayman Islands requires a certificate of wholesomeness from the country of purchase or origin and is subject to inspection by the C.I. Department of Agriculture on arrival. An import permit issued by the C.I. Department of Agriculture is also required.†

Plants, Fruits, Vegetables, Meats and Live Animals

An Import Permit must be obtained from the Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture prior to importing any live animal, bird, fish, plant or plant and meat product into the Cayman Islands. An inspection certificate from the country of origin must accompany these species/products. The required certificates are

  • Official Health Certificate for Animal, Bird or Fish.
  • Phytosanitary Certificate for Plant or Plant Products;
  • Certificate of Wholesomeness for Meat or Meat products.

    The import/export of certain endangered species of plant, live animal and their products are prohibited under CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species)

    For more information on the import/export of plants, meats and live animals contact Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture PH:(345) 947 3090, Fax (345) 947 2634 or Agriculture Dept. Airport Inspections Office, PH-(345) 949 7909, Fax (345) 945 2267, P.O. Box 459 GT.

    * Failure to make a full declaration is an offence and can result in the forfeiture of the goods, fines and / or imprisonment.

Last Updated: 2008-11-28